NCM Motorsports Park to Present Noise Abatement Agreement with Homeowners at March Hearing

NCM Motorsports Park to Present Noise Abatement Agreement with Homeowners at March Hearing

A settlement could be closer between the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park and neighbors in the nearby Clark Circle subdivision over noise created by the track.

The Motorsports Park’s noise abatement agreement negotiated with a majority of the residents had been announced in late October and now is slated to be presented at a public hearing next month in Bowling Green City Commission chambers.

A letter from Aaron Smith of English, Lucas, Priest & Owsley was sent on Thursday to City-County Planning Commission of Warren County Executive Director Ben Peterson detailing the next step in a process that has stretched now for more than three years.

Smith said the NCM is formally withdrawing its application for an amended detailed development plan in anticipation of a new plan and new amended binding elements that will be presented March 2 to the planning commission.

The Bowling Green Daily News reports that voluntary noise restrictions in place at the Motorsports Park last summer that seemed to satisfy most of the residents will be placed in binding elements of a detailed development plan.

“We needed to find a better way to codify a detailed testing scheme,” said Bowling Green attorney Chris Davenport, who is representing Clark Circle residents. “They (NCM) have come down 10 decibels. What we have is a much more palatable environment for the homeowners.”

Last March, the planning commission tabled the Motorsports Park detailed development plan after hearing complaints from Clark Circle residents about noise levels created by the track. Residents were denied a court injunction by Warren Circuit Court Judge John Grise seeking to stop all activity at the track, and a Nov. 1 court trial before Grise was delayed as residents sought possible limited monetary damages due to the noise.

In a separate legal issue, the NCM is appealing a code enforcement fine in Warren District Judge John Brown’s court.

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