Sandbag Much? Ford GTs Gain Five Seconds to Take Provisional Pole at Le Mans

Sandbag Much? Ford GTs Gain Five Seconds to Take Provision Pole at Le Mans

Corvette Racing’s Doug Fehan is not all that happy after the first qualifying sessions which saw the Ford GTs make up five seconds between last weekend’s test day to take four of the top five spots in GTE-Pro.

In fact, the Ford GTs are so quick, they’ve eclipsed Aston Martin’s 2015 GTE-Pro Pole by 3.7 seconds.

Dirk Mueller put the No. 68 Ford GT on the provisional pole with a time of 3:51.185 while Ryan Briscoe was right behind him in the No. 69 Ford. The No. 51 AF Corse Ferrari 488 GTE was third in class and the only other manufacturer to compete with Ford on Wednesday.

The Ford GT, which is back at the 24 Le Mans since the 1960s, has been granted multiple exemptions and favorable Balance of Performance changes including a 25kg weight drop. Some have taken to calling the four GTs “The Chosen Ones” based on the exemptions which include the GTs being a prototype as there are no customer cars built and therefore no homologation.

Corvette Racing finished first in GTE-Pro at the Le Mans test last week and was then penalized by BoP with a 0.3mm air restrictor reduction (on top of the 0.5mm air restrictor reduction made prior to the test. After the provisional qualifying session on Wednesday, the C7.Rs have yet to equal their test day performance that saw Antonio Garcia lead the GTE-Pro field with a lap of 3:55.122.

Doug Fehan was clearly not happy yesterday and he spoke to about the situation:

“At Corvette Racing we have always operated to the tenets of honor, integrity, respect and sportsmanship.” “We are going to continue to do that because that is the foundation from which we have operated forever.”

“As far as BoP goes, I think you can look at the time sheets themselves from after qualifying and they are pretty much self-explanatory.”

Sportcar365 says that the ACO is looking at the data and they say there still might be some changes coming. “People are looking at the data and everything that’s been collected. We can change on Friday if we like,” said ACO Sporting Director Vincent Beaumesnil.

“If we consider it’s necessary, we can do it. Whether we will do it, I don’t know, the technical people will tell me.”


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  1. They have turned this years LMGTE Pro race into nothing but a big joke. The favoritism shown to the Ford Prototype….oops, meant GT and the Ferrari is so obvious it is not funny, if they wanted a repeat showdown of the 1960s battles of Ford and Ferrari they might as well have just told Corvette, Aston and Porsche not to show up. This is such a farce and if Ford doesn’t commit to building a production version of this car for the long term and pulls out of endurance racing this will go down in history as the biggest joke in the history of endurance racing.

  2. George, you sir are absolutely correct. The BOP should be renamed SCR, Screw Corvette Racing. Anytime the Vettes beat the other makes the BOP steps right in and hamstrings them. It’s a massive freaking joke, along with Porsche drivers be able to run all over other cars with no fear of any repercussions, fines or anything.

  3. While your complain about Ford is totally understandable, when talking about Ferrari you may want to check your facts first. They have the biggest disadvantage thanks to BOP. Only 88 liters of fuel and the heaviest ballast in GTE Pro.
    Still they manage to deal with the basically illegal Ford GT beacuse 488 GTE is very fast car on its own.
    WEC Silverstone prove it, they didn’t sandbag because they are fair as much as Corvette is and they get knocked down by ACO.

  4. I’m sooo with you George. This is reprehensible as all Corvette Racing needs is an even playing field and it appears it will not happen this year. Ford’s sandbagin’ will assure a 50th ford [email protected] Le’suck. Yes, THEY SUCK.
    BoP is BS!!! Balance of power in the team/brand they favor is all it is. Foreign MS suck as they are all corrupt and hate Americans. F’em, Go Corvette!!!

  5. If the only way Ford can win is by cheating so be it. I will still keep my faith in Corvette. We know we have the better team. Maybe destiny will take us to the win even against the odds. Remember its how you play the game that really counts.

  6. That race was complete bull****! You don’t even have a chance to win because of a corrupt rules system. Racing has become a complete joke in this day and age!

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