Share Your Corvette Story with Mid America Motorworks’

Share your Corvette Story with Mid America Motorworks'

Everyone has a Corvette story. Do you have one worthy of sharing?

It could be about your own Corvette or the first ride you took in a friend or relative’s Corvette. Whatever it was, most enthusiasts can usually recall that moment when you just knew you were a Corvette fan for life.

Now you can tell your Corvette story on a new website from our friends at Mid America Motorworks called

“Whether someone stops in the MY Garage Museum & Retail Store or we see them out at shows, there’s always one sure way to start a conversation – ask them about their Corvette,” said Mike Yager, Chief Cheerleader at Mid America Motorworks. “You hear some of the most interesting stories about how they met their future wife, how they restored a Corvette that looked just like their parents, the first time they saw a Corvette and they were hooked. It’s that passion and excitement that we love to hear about and that we want to share.” builds on the success of several Mid America Motorworks projects including the “When Did It Start For You” books and the MY Corvette Story advertising campaign. Mid America Motorworks wants to hear your Corvette stories so they can be shared with other Corvette enthusiasts.

Enthusisats can submit photos of their Corvette and all the stories are indexed for easy searching. What’s cool is how the site is constantly evolving as more and more enthusiasts submit their Corvette stories.

Tell your Corvette story at

Share your Corvette Story with Mid America Motorworks'


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