Is This Vice President Joe Biden’s New Corvette Stingray?

Is This Vice President Joe Biden's New Corvette Stingray?

Auto Evolution is running a photo of a Velocity Yellow Corvette Stingray on the back of a rollback truck that it reports could be on its way to Vice President Joe Biden.

The website points out several reasons to believe what it calls this “unconfirmed but really interesting news from Washington.”

First of all, it’s no secret that Biden loves American sports cars as he is the longtime owner of a 1967 Corvette Big Block that was a wedding gift.

The VEEP was even lampooned for his love of cars when The Onion faked a photo of a shirtless Biden washing a white Pontiac Trans Am in the White House driveway.

If you look at the Stingray photo, you’ll see the prestige tag says “THE VP” and it’s a Washington, D.C. plate. Of course, that would be easy for some jokester to fake with Photoshop. Somehow, we don’t think the Vice President of the United States would have a vanity license tag saying THE VP – just doesn’t seem very vice presidential, does it?

Of course, we do know a couple of things for sure. In January, Biden came away very impressed with the new Corvette Z06 during a visit to the Detroit Auto Show and publicly praised the bailout of the American auto industry, including General Motors.

We’re not giving the story too much credence, but maybe just maybe he decided to show “Government Motors” his support with his own checkbook.

Is this Vice President Joe Biden’s New Corvette Stingray?

Auto Evolution

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