NCRS Foundation to Raise Up To $15,000 for the National Corvette Museum

NCRS Foundation to Raise Up To $15,000 for the National Corvette Museum

What better group to make a donation to help the National Corvette Museum recover from its sinkhole catastrophe than the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS)?

NCRS’s mission, of course, has long been to help with the restoration, preservation, history and enjoyment of 1953 to 1996 Corvettes.

Since the museum has announced that General Motors will be helping with the restoration of the damaged Corvettes, it’s entirely appropriate that an organization dedicated to the restoration of classic Corvettes like the NCRS Foundation decided to give at least $5,000 to help the museum recover from “some of the unexpected expense of the repairs to the floor and displays.”

NCRS also says it will match any donation from an NCRS Chapter up to $5,000, meaning that the museum could see a total of $15,000 because of the generosity of the NCRS and its members.

By the way, the NCRS Foundation is a “501(c)3 Charity designed to provide an individual and/or corporate sponsors an avenue to make contributions of monies, non-cash items such as stock/securities or Corvette archive memorabilia to support the NCRS Scholarship program and the NCRS Charity program.”

We applaud the NCRS Foundation for offering a helping hand to the museum during these trying times for an organization that has helped Corvette enthusiasts enjoy their cars for nearly 20 years and learn about the history of the 61-year-old American icon in the process.

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