[VIDEO] Exclusive Video Shows Aftermath of Texas State Fair Corvette Stingray Crash

[VIDEO] Exclusive Video Shows Aftermath of Texas State Fair Corvette Stingray Crash

Editor’s update:
Our friend in Texas who originally provided us the video and photos has now requested that they be removed and we have done so. We apologize to our readers.
— Keith Cornett, CorvetteBlogger.com


Last night we learned about a strange incident at the Texas State Fair where a participant at the Chevy Ride and Drive event crashed into two Corvette Stingrays with the back of 2014 Impala. We now have some more details from someone that was at the event and saw the crash first hand and told us that isn’t entirely accurate.

Video deleted on request

Jalopnik also has an eyewitness to the crash and here is what he said:

While I didn’t see what led up to it, I just looked up when I heard the first crunch… the Impala with the rear damage was hit by the guy first. He was driving an Impala, and first smashed into the rear of the grey Impala, then into the white C7 and the yellow C7. I’m not sure if the red C7 was damaged at all.

The guy looped back around, and was heading toward the building, and everyone screamed and ran like Godzilla was coming (I stayed and took pictures, as there was a more than adequate barrier to stop him from killing us all). He parked the car and the police and event staff were all frantic. The guy gets out of the car and seemed totally fine, just shook up. I took a pic of him talking to the police… juuuust incase he goes crazy and winds up on the news or something.

Accident Roll Call

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