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North Carolina Sheriff’s Office Shows Off New C5 DARE Corvette

by Mitch Talley on August 20, 2013

North Carolina Sheriff's Office Shows Off New C5 DARE Corvette
Photo Credit: Donnie Roberts / The Dispatch

We all know that Corvettes draw attention wherever they go.

Just ask the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina.

“I have had people to stop me at stoplights and tell me that was the coolest DARE car they have ever seen,” Cpl. Phillip Goodyear says. “…They love the thought of taking that type of vehicle from a drug dealer.”

Goodyear is referring to the 2000 Corvette confiscated from a drug dealer that he recently started using in the department’s DARE program, or Drug Abuse Resistance Education, which targets about 1,500 fifth graders in the county’s 18 elementary schools with an anti-drug message each year.

“The message of DARE is to make wise choices, whether it relates to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gangs and friendships,” Davidson County Sheriff David Grice said. “We are hoping when they see the car, they’ll remember (the DARE message).”

Cpl. Goodyear has been using the Corvette for the past few weeks after it was outfitted with a siren and blue lights. He’ll soon be joined by his cohort, Deputy Hillary Pearce, in a 2004 BMW 325i that was likewise used by a drug dealer in illicit activities.

Goodyear has been teaching the DARE program since 2007 and believes he can see the benefits during his job as a baseball coach at East Davidson High Schools.

“They are still making the good choices,” Goodyear said. “There are some who I see are not making the good choices, but for the most part I have seen my kids making the right choices.”

Photo Credit: Donnie Roberts

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