[VIDEO] Connecticut Town of Colchester to Sell its 1967 DARE Corvette

[VIDEO]  Connecticut Town of Colchester to Sell its 1967 DARE Corvette
Photo Credit: John Shishmanian / NorwichBulletin.com

Here’s your chance to buy a C2 Corvette with an unusual past and an unusual look.

The town of Colchester, Conn., says it is ready to get rid of its 1967 Corvette that was used for nearly 20 years as the police department’s DARE vehicle.

DARE – or Drug Abuse Resistance Education – is a program that aims to teach fifth graders the dangers of using illegal drugs.

Colchester switched to a different drug awareness program last year, however, and its unique Corvette – which has an American flag painted on the hood with the names of DARE business sponsors on the back – is no longer needed by the police department.

“It’s been sitting back here kind of rotting for the last few years,” Fleet Maintenance Supervisor Steve Sharpe says.

The car apparently does still run as a reporter for The Bulletin wrote about the engine growling as the ‘Vette was pulled in for its first wash in ages.

“It was sitting for a while,” Sharpe says. “It got to the point where I told the police they probably wouldn’t want to be taking it on long trips to events across the state.”

Colchester police seized the car in 1994 from a drug dealer and have used it to promote DARE’s message at parades, festivals, school assemblies, and other public gatherings.

Now that they’ve ditched the DARE program, town officials are ready to unload the unique Corvette and use the money it brings to replenish the town equipment reserve fund.

Public Works Director Jim Paggioli says the town hasn’t set an asking price for the Corvette and will likely auction it off.

“We have someone who specializes in Corvettes coming to look at it and get an appraisal,” Paggioli says.

He’s hoping the car winds up staying in Colchester, though, and says it “would be nice to see it show up in the car cruise-in nights on the town green.”

Norwich Bulletin
Photo Credit: John Shishmanian / NorwichBulletin.com

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