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Man, 90, Wins Corvette, 2 Other Vehicles in Canadian Lottery

by Mitch Talley on June 7, 2012

Man, 90, Wins Corvette, 2 Other Vehicles in Canadian Lottery

We’ve heard for years that your typical Corvette driver is getting older and older, but this is ridiculous!

A 90-year-old Canadian recently struck it rich in the Canadian Cancer Society Lottery, picking up a Corvette and two Lincolns.

But retired minister Allen Cawfield and his wife Sandra say they’ll pass on the cars, taking the money instead.

He’ll get the check – some $166,240 – next Monday.

Despite turning down the cars, the man will still get the chance to take a spin in the Corvette, thanks to the generosity of the lottery manager.

You might call it beginner’s luck with Cawfield, who pointed out that he had never bought any kind of lottery ticket in his life.

He won the 2012 Corvette on April 21 in the daily car prize draw and then added to his winning streak on May 7 in the grand prize draw with two 2012 Lincolns (MKX and MKZ Hybrid).


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