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[POLL] Should the C7 Corvette’s Design Go “Retro”?

by Keith Cornett on November 15, 2010

[POLL] Should the C7 Corvettes Design Go Retro?

Here is a freelancer’s take on Corvette for the upcoming C7 release that’s been floating around the interwebs for quite some time now and one that keeps growing on me. The visual design cues are both modern and C3 retro without sacrificing function like the rear wheel brake cooling ducts. While the original color of this design was done in silver, someone did this great photoshop proving once again that all Corvettes should be red.

Talk of going retro really got started after GM’s VP of Global Design Ed Welburn stated that the split-window would be returning on the C7. I wonder if going retro is what Corvette owners are looking for in the next generation ‘Vette.

Chevy has had recent success going retro with the Camaro, but doing a Corvette is harder due to the 58 year history of the model. You don’t want to alienate your customer base with something totally different that the previous generations, but you do want to be different enough to attract new buyers, especially young new buyers.

That leads us to the question of the week:

Should the C7 Corvette go with a more "retro" design or should those cues be more subtle?

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