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Motor Trend: C7 Corvette to Debut with New 5.5L 440 hp V8 Powerplant

by Keith Cornett on June 28, 2010

C7 Corvette to Debut with New 5.5L 440 hp V8 Powerplant

Sources within GM have told Motor Trend that the C7 Corvette will be one of the first cars to feature the next-generation small block V8. General Motors recently announced its investment of $890 million to develop and manufacture the powerplant. The new V8 will feature aluminum blocks and heads, direct injection and a new combustion system.

Motor Trend says the new V8 will come in at 5.5 liters with a target output of about 440 horsepower. The current Corvette’s LS3 engine is a 6.2 liter engine with 436 horsepower.

The new 5.5 liter V8 will retain its traditional overhead-valve layout ensuring compact dimensions and lower manufacturing costs. Motor Trend says prototype engines are already running on test mules in Detroit.

This is no big surprise as the Corvette Racing team recently moved from a 7.0 liter to a 5.5 liter by destroking the engine. Program Manager Doug Fehan says that at 5.5 liters, the C6.Rs are able to run a larger restrictor which produces the amount of torque that current Corvette owners are accustomed too.

Motor Trend

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