Supercar Mashup: 1993 Corvette Diablo FI Stingray

1993 FI Stingray

We are intrigued by this mating of two of the world’s most recognizable supercars – Corvette and Lamborghini – creating what the owner has renamed the FI Stingray. The car features a 1993 Corvette Chassis and custom front-end mated to the rear end of a Lamborghini Diablo. The Corvette was spotted at the 2008 Canadian International Autoshow last month in Toronto.

So, was this experiment successful? Click the Comment Link below and let me know what you think.

1993 FI Stingray


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  1. Why on earth would anyone take a perfectly good C4 and ruin the value? This is American muscle not spaghetti.

  2. mmmm i’m not into experiments, looks weird… like an unfinished car… but in response to the other comment, i guess the "spaghetti" should be treated with some respect, cause the "spaguetti" has showed more muscles than the muscle car, starting with the miura, one of the more beautiful cars in history (if not the most beautiful), and finishing with murcielago and gallardo, top of the top among supercars.

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