OMFG! Is That A Convertible Corvette Z06?


Tonight I was browsing’s 2008 Corvette image gallery when I happened to notice the Corvette parked behind the black 2008 convertible. Yes, it appears to be a Monterey Red Convertible Z06 with a black soft top. There is actually a burgeoning market for chopping the tops off Z06’s and this is probably the end result of an FRC meeting a buzz saw. Click the image below to see a larger version.

Is this a convertible Corvette Z06
Used to be you could walk into the dealership and order your Corvette convertible with the engine of your choice, but those glory days of giving the customer what the want are long gone.
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  1. That is definitely not a chopped Z06. I’ve been seeing more and more production Z51 coupes and convertibles meeting front and rear Z06 fenders, plus the associated front fascia and badging. The big give away is the fact that this car has the Z51 rotors and calipers (calipers are the same regardless of Z51) and regular production seats. Worth a good chuckle- is it blasphemous to put Z06 badging on a non Z06 car??

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