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Blue Devil Corvette Lives

by Keith Cornett on August 20, 2005

Rumors of the SuperVette appear to be true. GM is developing what is being called the Corvette Blue Devil: Take a 2006 Z06, add enough Carbon Fiber to bring the curb weight down to 2900 pounds, put a supercharger on the LS-7′s V8 engine for a reported yield of 600-650 hp and then sell it for $100,000+.

The test mule has been making the rounds at Nurburgring and witnesses are reporting the car is accompanied by the distinct whine of a supercharger.

GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz said in an interview with AutoWeek: “My guess is we’re going to find a way to do something beyond the Z06, that would be at a much higher price point, and which would compete with some of the leading high-performance cars of the world.”

Should the Blue Devil make it to production, Corvette will once again have a collectable limited-production sports car that will attract collectors and regular people alike.

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