Introducing Zymol waxID Custom Corvette Care


Introducing Zymol waxID Custom Corvette Care

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CorvetteBlogger is pleased to introduce you to the Zymöl family of detailing products and their custom waxID™ that features naturally derived ingredients customized for your unique needs. Your Corvette is different…shouldn’t your wax be?

Zymöl waxID™ Custom Corvette Care
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For 40 years we have been hearing the same frustration from car owners just like you searching for the best ways to protect their paint finishes:

“I can’t find exactly the right wax for my Corvette, because this is my car and it is very different than everyone else’s.”

So, we assembled a group of bio and production engineers in Florida and gave them the challenge to develop a production line that could create for you a ‘single-custom-formulary-wax’ unique to your needs.

Introducing Zymol waxID Custom Corvette CareTo aid in the development of your personalized wax we extensively review your answers to our development weighted online analysis software tool including your special wants and needs. This is combined with the particular issues of your paint, driving habits and the environment you live in.

We apply key factors that can affect your paint such as your paint composition, the age of your paint, how it has been cared for until now, how often products have been used in its care, porosity, paint thickness, how the paint reacts to heat-cold-acids-alkali-solvents-silicone-abrasives and the Corvette factory’s expected paint life.

Then we determine what raw materials will work best against Mother Nature’s wrath and include them in your exclusive formulary bill-of-materials.

Our first custom waxes were developed for the winners of major car shows throughout the U.S.

We have thoroughly tested and proven our custom waxes with the hundreds of individuals who have successfully used our formulas to win. Our rigorous standards, documentation, and new equipment give us the ability to quickly create an individual formula for achieving your desired results, which no company has been able to do before. We will keep your Custom Formula secure so you can reorder your waxID™ at any time.

After 40+ years of discovery and creation, you can now own a revolutionary and affordable personalized Corvette care solution that’s proven to be perfect: Zymöl waxID™.

Your Corvette is different, shouldn’t your Wax be?

Introducing Zymol waxID Custom Corvette Care

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Contains Carnauba Wax (derived from Palmetto), Montan Oil, Coconut Oil, Banana Oil, Propolis (derived from Bees), Cetyl Esters, Cetyl Cocoamide (derived from coconut oil) and FD&C Blue #1. Contains 37% Brazilian No.1 Yellow Carnauba and 13% Brazilian No.1 White Carnauba by volume required to complete your custom formula.

Zymöl waxID™



  1. I’ve never tried Zymol. I usually stick to Meguiars or Mothers which makes fantastic car care products.

  2. I’ve never tried Zymol. I usually stick to Meguiars or Mothers because they make fantastic car care products.

  3. With all the advertising b. l sh t. It doesn’t state if it helps preserve the finish from the sun?
    Also I tried 3 times to complete the survey and could not get it to finish for my analysis. Costs a lot of money. How many applications per can?

  4. Liquid waxes and buttery waxes are old school. I also tried Zymol liquid wax once several years ago and there was nothing really great about it. For the past couple of years I’ve been waxing both of my Corvettes (one is Competition Yellow and the other is Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic) with Adam’s Spray Wax and I’ve loved the results. You can use it in full sun and it doesn’t streak or leave an oily or hazy film on your car like some other waxes I’ve tried. It will leave your paint looking super shiny with a deep gloss.

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