Corvettes for Sale: No Reserve Triple Black 1969 Corvette L88 Convertible


Corvettes for Sale: No Reserve Triple Black 1969 Corvette L88 Convertible

Photo Credit: Rich Penn Auctions

One of the rarest Corvettes ever made is currently up for grabs. This triple black 1969 L88 convertible is selling at no reserve online through Rich Penn Auctions. As of this writing, bidding is up to $56,000 with 15 days remaining.

RPO L88 was available for 3 years beginning in 1967. Over that span, just 216 Corvettes were built with the 427/430hp engine between the front fenders. Of those, 116 were assembled in 1969. The matching numbers example shown here is finished in handsome Tuxedo Black with a matching black interior and soft top. A vinyl-covered hardtop is included as well. Other options include the M22 Rock Crusher transmission, headrest seats, transistor ignition, power brakes, heavy-duty clutch, and redline tires. The side mount exhaust was added during the restoration.


The car was reportedly found in a garage after having been stored there for some 20 years. After that, a 5-year comprehensive restoration was performed. The odometer currently shows 24,600 original miles. When reviewing the seller’s video we see a Corvette in a freshly restored state. The paint is shiny and the interior and engine compartment looks to be in as-new condition. However, we’d like to see more photos and a more thorough description given the pedigree of this particular Corvette.

The seller states that the car is documented with its tank sticker and provides a photo that shows the L88 engine and other vehicle content on it.

The auction listing ends on September 17th. At that time this highly desirable Corvette will have a new owner given its no reserve status. Head on over to Rich Penn Auctions for more information.

Rich Penn Auctions via Proxibid

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  1. Beautiful car, but the information and pictures provided in the auction ad are completely inadequate for such a rare and desirable car. I also note that the ad refers to “the original hardtop”, but I don’t see any reference to an auxiliary top on the tank order sheet.

  2. Someone is taking a chance with a no-reserve auction on a lesser known site, although the owner will probably be in the bidding audience. This very special and valuable car needs to be on BaT or B-J.

  3. Damn I wish I had some money to burn, 56k is REALLY low for that car. If it’s numbers matching and documented as a real L88 it should be about 3 times that amount at least. Something doesn’t seem right here.

  4. Kevin, there’s 14 more days left in the auction, 56K will barely make a down payment when (and if) this car sells. Look up what the last L88 sold for on BaT.

  5. This car is a bogus car with a fake tank sticker and trim tag. It can be verified it is not an original L88 from the factory. Buyer beware.

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