IMSA Makes Minor Adjustments to the GTLM Balance of Performance Ahead of Road America


IMSA Makes Minor Adjustments to GTLM Balance of Performance Ahead of Road America

Photo Credits: Richard Prince for Chevy Racing

While Corvette fans are mostly optimistic, nothing can throw cold water on enthusiasm for your team’s chances then having the car’s performance throttled back just as the C8.Rs were able to string together back to back wins. But so far IMSA is letting the GTLM cars race as the updated Balance of Performance tables for this weekend’s contest at Road America shows only minor adjustments for the class.

Even though Corvette Racing has dominated the last two races by winning both the poles during qualifying, we’ve also been able to capitalize on the mistakes made by our fellow competitors in the class. If you were watching Sebring, you know that the Porsches took themselves out of contention with a pitlane incident between their two cars. And earlier in the day, BMW misjudged the clock during the qualifying sessions and was able to only put down a couple flying laps before the session time was called.

Road America is one of the favorite stops on the schedule for drivers and you can bet that Porsche will be hungry to make amends for what happened at Sebring and we expect BMW to also be quicker with the latest BoP updates that favor it the most.

IMSA Makes Minor Adjustments to GTLM Balance of Performance Ahead of Road America

The BWM M8 GTEs will lose 10 kg of weight to make them the lightest in the GTLM field by far. The team also picked up additional boost across their RPM band so we expect to see them much more competitive this weekend.

All the GTLM teams received an increase in fuel capacity with BMW receiving a 12-liter bump to 97 liters total while Corvette and Porsche received increases of 5-liters (101 total) and 3-liters (96 total) respectively.

The C8.Rs have done pretty well with fuel management which has played a factor in both the No.3’s win at Daytona and the No.4 C8.Rs win at Sebring, although the same strategy cost the No.4 car a podium finish at Daytona as it was unable to race hard to the end. Road America’s 4-mile circuit is very fast, and the team that can stay out just a bit longer than the others may have the advantage at the end.

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  1. The Vettes won, but really did not dominate in those wins. It was good pit strategy and Porsche brain farts in the last race. That said, you had to see a BOP adjustment of some kind in the cards.

  2. I knew it was just a matter of time before the other teams started crying that the corvettes were to fast. They all start out a new season under the same rules. If the other teams can’t compete under those rules, then they should change the class the run in or quit! MAYBE THEY SHOULD BUILD A BETTER CAR!

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