NCM Insurance: Tropical Storm Isaias Relocation Reimbursement


NCM Insurance: Tropical Storm Isaias Relocation Reimbursement

With the potential of Tropical Storm Isaias to turn into a Hurricane this weekend, our friends at the NCM Insurance Agency have sent out a notice regarding the storm that is not only threatening Florida but may potentially head north along the East Coast impacting many fellow Corvette and classic car owners along the way.

Those of you who are in the path of this storm have most likely been through a similar experience before so hopefully you have your emergency plan ready to be put into action. That plan should also include what to do about your Corvettes or other collector vehicles. To that end, the NCM Insurance Agency offers relocation reimbursement that provides 50% of the relocation costs, up to $200 per collector car.

From the NCM Insurance Agency:

For NCM Insurance customers who are in the path of this storm, our carrier has made available a relocation expense reimbursement. This coverage provides reimbursement for 50% of the temporary relocation costs when moving a NCM Insurance protected collector cars to a safer location. This relocation reimbursement is subject to a maximum of $200 per collector car and $2,500 per policy. Customers with Claims regarding reimbursement should call (800) 543-2644 or you can submit a claim online at Please retain all invoices, receipts and incurred costs with regards to any damage.

If you are unable to relocate your vehicle(s), please take the following steps to insure the vehicle is as prepared as possible:

  • Take before photos of your vehicle to show the condition before a disaster strikes.
  • Store copies of the registration and insurance documentation in a safe place.
  • Place your vehicle(s) on jack stands as high as possible to raise it off of the ground.

Our top priority is offering personal attention to the needs of our customers – in all situations – good and bad. Please let us know if you are affected by the storms and are in harms’ way – and please stay safe.

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