General Motors Sells 3,820 New Corvettes in 1st Quarter 2020


General Motors Sells 3,820 New Corvettes in 1st Quarter 2020

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General Motors released its 1st Quarter 2020 sales report yesterday and it shows that a total of 3,820 Corvettes were sold during the time period. The number is a 3.1% decline from the 3,943 corvettes sold during the same time period in 2019. As a bright spot, the quarterly figure is 329 units more than were sold during the fourth quarter of 2019.

2020 was supposed to be the year of the Corvette, and by all accounts, it still can be for the second half of the year should we be able to escape the cloud of uncertainty that has America and much of the world locked indoors due to fears of spreading the coronavirus. The first Corvettes were delivered in March before the plant shut on Friday, March 20th and so far there is no update on when the plant will reopen.

We believe that approximately 2,741 new 2020 Corvettes or so have been built so far, and the good news for those owners is that Jack Cooper Transportation is still hauling the completed 2020s to dealerships. Depending on the state you are in, your Chevy dealership may still open, although some states have deemed just the service departments as essential. The good news is that we have heard of dealers going out of there way to get the new Corvettes (which have already been invoiced) to their new owners either through off-site deliveries or via home delivery though the Chevy Cares program.

We have also seen some of the unsubstantiated rumors about Chevrolet closing out the 2020 model or production not restarting until July or August and I can tell you that as of this moment, these are simply not true. As soon as we have the latest word from Chevrolet and GM we will share it here, but try not to get sucked into some of the doom and gloom out there because GM hasn’t put out a date when they will restart production.

For those of you wanting to get a great price on a 2019 C7 Corvette, Chevrolet is offering up to 84 months of interest-free financing or you can get $2,000 in Customer Cash. Check with your Chevy dealers for details.

Our Corvette Sales Archives will be updated in June 2020 with the release of GM’s official 2nd Quarter sales numbers.

Corvette Sales Monthly Archive:

Archived Corvette Delivery Statistics
Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Total
2020 — 3,820 —       3,820
2019 — 3,943 — — 5,788 — — 4,766 — — 3,491 — 17,988
2018 1,005 1,351 2,101 — 5,758 — — 4,639 — — 3,910 — 18,791
2017 1,263 2,081 2,460 2,756 2,535 2,612 1,930 1,748 1,506 1,345 2,565 2,278 25,079
2016 1,501 2,116 2,753 3,142 2,673 2,483 2,159 3,063 2,829 2,626 1,941 2,709 29,995
2015 2,127 2,605 3,785 3,469 3,514 2,807 2,794 2,725 2,572 2,526 1,952 2,453 33,329
2014 2,261 2,438 3,480 3,514 3,328 2,723 3,060 2,679 2,467 2,959 2,378 3,552 34,839
2013 908 980 1,053 974 905 853 671 655 831 3,929 2,527 3,005 17,291
2012 629 927 1,376 1,396 1,219 1,475 987 1,210 1,351 1,167 1,104 1,291  14,132
2011 721 955 1,163 1,454 1,304 1,299 1,291 936 1,147 946 910 1,038 13,164
2010 854 624 955 1,089 1,428 1,405 1,199 1,135 1,109 1,011 836 979 12,624
2009 842 1,027 1,183 1,407 1,643 1,396 966 746 1,585 1,154 952 1,033 13,934
2008 2,015 2,071 2,692 3,190 2,904 2,082 1,870 4,242 2,318 1,170 1,093 1,324 26,971
2007 2,234 2,784 3,158 3,227 3,300 2,377 2,377 2,877 2,837 2,484 2,438 2,914 33,685
2006 2,579 3,058 3,655 3,516 3,317 2,938 2,794 2,990 3,056 2,761 2,773 3,081 36,518

From the official sales release:

DETROIT — General Motors (NYSE: GM) announced today that it delivered 618,335 vehicles in the first quarter of 2020, a decrease of about 7 percent compared to a year ago. The industry experienced significant declines in March due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

“In this uncertain and challenging time, GM and our strong network of dealers are here to help, offering concierge service, providing courtesy transportation to customers in need and offering home delivery where permissible,” said Kurt McNeil, U.S. vice president, Sales Operations.

In many areas with stay-at-home orders, dealer service operations are considered essential and can remain open to address crucial vehicle needs for essential service providers like first responders, healthcare workers and food supply and delivery workers.

Safety remains the company’s top priority. “Customers who need to purchase a new vehicle can use GM’s Shop. Click. Drive. program, which allows them to browse inventory, choose a vehicle, customize their payment and schedule delivery at home where available,” said McNeil.

To further assist, GM has enabled OnStar Crisis Assist services for all connected vehicle owners, as well as complimentary in-vehicle data for all Wi-Fi-equipped vehicles.

Inventory at the end of the first quarter was 668,443 units, down about 18 percent from a year ago.

For full details on how GM is responding to the rapidly changing COVID-19 crisis, visit

General Motors


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  1. I appreciate the information on deliveries. I am still waiting on a Build that had a date of 3/30/2020 10 days after the last production car rolled out the door to be QAed! The car I am missing is a basic Elkhart Lake Blue 2LT with a red interior, but don’t have anything on if it was built early when the venders couldn’t deliver fiber carbon parts fit to put on loaded C8s. No carbon on my car but the 3000 status with no build date, over a month old and should have moved up because it had no constraints against it except putting vented adrenaline red GT1 in a 2LT and I have to pay extra for that because it is a sold unit.

  2. I sent the following email to the Corvette Concierge on Monday, March 30, 2020:

    I just read an article on Autoblog, dated March 18, 2020, authored by Sven Gustafson. The article states GM has stopped making the 2020 Corvette and instead is going to start building the 2021 model beginning May 21st. This article is based on the following supposed leaked email from GM to Chevrolet dealerships:

    Is this story true?
    If so, is the 2021 base model going to be the same as the 2020 base model?
    If not what is the anticipated new base price?
    If none of this is true, what is the revised date GM expects the Corvette plant to be back up and running?

    I sold my C6 Z06 in February looking forward to the purchase of the new C8 LT2 model through Fremont Chevrolet.

    Thank you for your kind response.

    Richard Clymore

    Here was their response emailed to be the same date:
    Hello Richard,
    Thank you for reaching back out to the Corvette Concierge! We would be happy to confirm what information we have so far.

    Due to an overwhelming demand for the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Chevrolet has decided to stop taking sold orders. Chevrolet dealers will begin taking orders for the 2021 Corvette in late May. This decision was made due to the overwhelming demand for the vehicle.

    Production for the 2021 model will not start in May, however, dealerships can start to take orders in May.
    At this time, we don’t have details regarding the 2021 Corvette. We would anticipate pricing to be available later in the year.

    GM has not announced a date when the plant will re-open for production to resume. GM will continue to monitor the situation as it remains very fluid. We are hopeful to have more information in the coming weeks.

    If you have any additional questions or would like to check for any updates, please feel free to reach back out!

    Please stay safe and have a great day!

    Chevrolet Corvette Concierge
    General Motors | Customer Experience
    100 Renaissance Center | Detroit, MI 48265

    It sounds to me like GM has already elected to stop production on the 2020 Corvette.

    Starting on March 18th, 2020 , the Corvette Co

  3. The 1st quarter sales number are out of a little over 6 weeks of production plus recoverEd test fleet vehicles. The line was slowed down by faulty carbon fiber vendor parts extended QA production inspections. 2nd Quarter results are going to be directly affected by the 3/20/2020 assembly line closure and how soon it is safe to go back to work!

  4. Hi, I have a C8 on order with a code 3000 status as of February 27. At that time it was estimated by the Corvette Concierge that a TPW Code 3300 would be during the span of March 29 through April 30th. Since Code 3000 represents a sold order that was accepted by Production Control, I expect that my TPW will still be built as a 2020 and be delayed for a corresponding amount of weeks that production is suspended. I do not believe my order will be changed to a 2021 model.

  5. I was amoung the first orders to be takenat the dealerships. I put my $1500.00 dollars down, plus my trade in , which amounted to close to $16,000 00 down. I ordered a lt3 convertable, which came to a little over $90,000.00. When my order finally comes thru, will I still get it at my order price, plus the free shipping. As far as I knew my order was placed sometime around December.

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