[VIDEO] The No. 4 Corvette C7.R Is Knocked Out of Watkins Glen 6-Hour Race on the First Lap


[VIDEO] The Number 4 Corvette C7.R Is Knocked Out of Watkins Glen 6-Hour Race on the First Lap

Corvette Racing’s program manager Doug Fehan always says that luck is 50% of racing, but unfortunately for the Number 4 Corvette C7.R, it has been the bad variety that has struck the team again at Sunday’s Sahlen’s Six Hours of the Glen.

The Number 4 Corvette C7.R started in 3rd position with Tommy Milner behind the wheel. On the opening lap of the race, the 912 Porsche made contact with the Corvette which spun the car into a retaining wall.

The Corvette suffered massive damage in the crash and the car was retired.

The crash couldn’t have come at a worst time for the team. Following the crash of the Number 64 C7.R at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the team reverted to the backup chassis for Watkins Glen. Now the crew has just six days to repair the car in time for the Mobil 1 Sportscar Grand Prix held July 5-7th at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Ontario.

Here’s a post-race quote regarding the incident from Tommy Milner:

“It’s not a cliché, it’s how I feel… it’s disappointing and unnecessary. It was the first lap of the race and going side-by-side which should have been and is possible. Hindsight is 20-20. Knowing the Porsche didn’t check up enough to allow us to go two-wide… he said he gave some consideration but it wasn’t enough. I’d love to say we could rewind it, I’d give up the position and we’re still racing. And if he had given me a little more room than we’re also still racing, too. It’s these split-second decisions we have to make. Unfortunately I got penalized for someone’s small mistake – and that’s what it was: a small mistake that ended up a big problem for us. A big thanks again to Corvette for building such a strong car. But I feel bad for our Corvette Racing guys. We were here and ready to go racing, but we’ve had some really bad luck the last couple months. I feel bad they have to put in more hard work and a lot of hours to get the car ready for Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. But that’s our focus.”

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  1. It seems to me, that the Corvettes are getting knocked out of a lot of races when the Porsches start
    playing demolition derby.. I remember when the Flying Lizard Porsche team took out one of the team Corvettes right at the finish line at Laguna Seca, and of course..the Porsche took the win. Does anyone
    ever get a penalty when they on purpose, or just lack of skills and making stupid mistakes, take out another car?

  2. This Porsche bumper car/demolition derby crap started years ago when Patrick Long with his Porsche rammed
    the Corvette into a retaining wall when he was about to be passed on the last lap at the season ending Petit Leman’s years ago. It is time to quit being a gentleman and stop turning our cheek. Maybe a little NASCAR style retaliation is in order to get the message across. If that doesn’t communicate well, maybe a WFF style ass kicking in the Porsche trailer is the medicine to be prescribed. Let the games begin !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Would it be possible to post the YouTube video link directly rather than on a Facebook account? There are still a few of us old schoolers that don’t do Facebook.;)

  4. So frustrating. No matter how quick any of the other makes may be, Porsche always seems to grab the victory. If the Corvette team didn’t have the atrocious luck all the time like they seem to have, they would have absolutely no luck at all! Hats off to them for being consistent enough to nab championships, but lets hope that the GM and Pratt & Miller folks are giving the upcoming C8.R that extra little push to get Corvette back into Victory Lane! Keep up the great fight!

  5. I’ve watched the video many times, and despite my partiality to loving Corvettes and Corvette racing, it’s obvious that the Porsche has position on Milner as it comes out of the apex. The way I see it, Milner’s is coming down out of the turn, which is a no-no coming out from the apex especially when you have a car on your inside. I have no love for Porsche whatsoever, but this looks to be the fault of Corvette. My advice to Milner – Dude, the race is only 35 seconds old, relax!

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