EV Charging Station Coming to the Corvette Museum as Part of VW’s Electrify America Initiative


EV Charging Station Coming to the National Corvette Museum as Part of VW's Electrify America Initiative

Photo Credit: ElectrifyAmerica.com

In case that rumored electrified version of the C8 comes true, the National Corvette Museum will soon be ready to provide the juice for it.

And, ironically enough, the Museum has Volkswagen to thank for it.

As part of its punishment for cheating emissions testing with its diesel vehicles, Volkswagen agreed to spend $2 billion in the United States promoting electric vehicles through its new venture, Electrify America.

Part of those billions will be spent installing 2,000 EV chargers across the U.S., including one at the National Corvette Museum at an estimated cost of $100,000.

“It’s no cost to us, so we said why not?” Katie Ellison, marketing and communications manager at the NCM, told the Bowling Green Daily News.

All current electric vehicles will be able to use the EV charger, except for Tesla, and the two different AMPs will provide “more than enough power to (charge) anything out there today,” according to Ellison.

Not many folks in Bowling Green will be affected by the installation of the EV charger, at least at first, since there were only 20 electric vehicles out of 105,691 vehicles registered in Warren County in 2017.

Still, Bowling Green will be taking a step toward what some feel will be an electrified future, including perhaps that Corvette eRay as recently trademarked by GM. Already, Maryland-based Genovation is converting regular gas-powered Corvettes into electric supercars that have 800 horsepower, 700 lb-ft of torque, and a top speed of 220 mph – all for $750,000.

While remembering the past, the NCM also has an eye for the future.

“We’re an automotive museum and we know the trend for the future is electric cars,” Ellison told the Daily News via email. “By providing charging stations, we are offering a service not only to electric car owners of today, but a lot more in the future. We’re excited to partner with Electrify America to accomplish this.”


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