[VIDEO] Dreams Come True as Man Wins New $60,000 Corvette Prize in Fundraiser


[VIDEO] Dreams Come True as Man Wins New $60,000 Corvette Prize in Fundraiser

There’s a silver lining behind every dark cloud, so the old saying goes.

A Paso Robles, California man likely is a believer today.

Steven Lopate recently made a trip to Mission Hope Cancer Center in Santa Maria with his girlfriend, Adrianna, who was there for chemotherapy treatment. He was feeling a little down and decided to go outside for a breath of fresh air when he noticed the Home Motors Chevrolet dealer across the street was raffling off a 2019 Corvette Stingray (Arctic White with black wheels, by the way) valued at $60,000.

Lopate decided to buy two of the $100 raffle tickets and found out on Memorial Day that he had won the Corvette, in the process helping the Elks Rodeo Queen Fundraiser for VTC Enterprises that provides assistance and job training to adults with developmental disabilities.

“The thought, how could I go wrong when I read it and I said, you know, that funds will help benefit those with disabilities, giving them opportunities… that alone was the selling factor, the hundred dollars was incidental,” Lopate said as he picked up the Corvette on Wednesday.

Raffle proceeds of roughly $40,000 will be used for building repairs, program upgrades, staff wages, parking, and other improvements at VTC facilities.


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