[VIDEO] Spring Mountain’s Rick Malone Explains the C7 Corvette’s Electronic Limited Slip Differential


[VIDEO] Spring Mountain's Rick Malone Explains the C7 Corvette's Electronic Limited Slip Differential

Our friend Jeremy Welborn of the Stingray Forums was out at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club this week for the Ron Fellows’ Corvette Owners School. During a break in the class, he talked to Chief Driving Instructor Rick Malone about the C7 Corvette’s electronic limited slip differential.

The electronic limited slip differential (eLSP) system was one of new engineering features to be offered on the C7 Corvette when it made its debut in 2013. The computer-controlled hydraulic actuators can open or fully lock the differential on the fly to help the driver maintain control. Corvette engineering says the system improves stability on the highway, enhances steering turn-in as well as responsiveness, and improves traction out of corners.

Thanks to this engineering cutaway of the C7 Corvette eLSP, Rick is able to demonstrate how the system’s differential becomes locked or unlocked:

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