[VIDEO] Michelin Recaps Corvette Racing’s Win at COTA


[VIDEO] Michelin Recaps Corvette Racing's Win at COTA

Doesn’t it always seem that when one of the Corvette C7.Rs is knocked out of contention during a race, the other always rises to the challenge. Overcoming the luck aspect with hard work and perseverance is one of Corvette Racing’s strongest attributes and it was on display at the Circuit of the America’s on May 6th.

The No.4 Corvette C7.R didn’t even make it through turn 1 in the first lap before it got caught up in a multi-car melee. No worries! Magnussen and Garcia, victims of lady luck on the final corner of the last lap at Long Beach, got some payback from the racing gods and took the checkered flag at COTA in epic fashion.

The win at Circuit of the Americas was Corvette Racing’s 105th win and it put the No.3 Corvette drivers back on top for the GTLM Drivers Championship. Our friends at Michelin Alley recap the race in the first video, and then we hear from No.3 C7.R driver Jan Magnussen.

Corvette Racing’s next event is the 24 Hours of Le Mans on June 17-18th.

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