Watch Your Wallet as States Look to Generate Tax Revenue from Classic Cars


Watch Your Wallet as States Look to Generate Taxes on Classic Cars

This 1996 Corvette Grand Sport would have been subjected to the proposed Oregon tax as its over 20 years old.

A recent post on Super Chevy serves as a reminder to all of us classic car enthusiasts to be on the lookout for any attempts to tax our hobby into oblivion.

In fact, a writer for that website points out a recent example that he saw in Hemmings Motor News about a proposed Oregon law that would have levied a $1,000 tax every five years on any vehicle older than 20 years, with a few exceptions.

As we all know, that would have included a significant chunk of the Corvette world, since it would have affected the C1, C2, C3, and C4 models that run from 1953 to 1996.

Fortunately, the lawmakers in Oregon had enough sense to knock down this idea before it ever saw the light of day.

Watch Your Wallet as States Look to Generate Additional Tax Revenue from Classic Cars

Says Super Chevy:

“The proposed bill was not only a bad idea for automotive enthusiasts but also to those of us that drive an older vehicle because we choose to do so or must out of economic necessity. If you are wondering how such a bill could even come from the mind of a politician, which we would all most likely agree there is little reason why so many things occur, the rationale was made that, “older vehicles cause a disproportionate wear and tear on Oregon roads.” I guess your older Corvette or mine, because of its inherently skinny tires, must “cut” into the road more so than a newer Corvette with fatter tires? (Hey, that was my best guess.)”

While Oregon car enthusiasts were fortunate enough to have this senseless idea fall by the wayside, we are reminded that the same idea, or a similar one, could pop up in other states.

“While this didn’t become law there are other attempts by many states to gather additional revenue for whatever the reason. The takeaway from this lesson should be to pay close attention to what’s happening in your state. Additional driving taxes such as increased gasoline taxes, mileage taxes (based on how far you drive your car), and others are all lurking about.”

Be on the lookout!

Watch Your Wallet as States Look to Generate Additional Tax Revenue from Classic Cars

Super Chevy

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