The National Corvette Museum Hosts First ‘Comic Con’ in Vette City


The National Corvette Museum Hosts First 'Comic Con' in Vette City

No, the National Corvette Museum wasn’t under attack from zombies, superheroes, and Star Wars characters on Saturday.

These dressed-up characters were just there to enjoy the fun at the first-ever Vette City Con, held in the NCM conference center “for the nerdier side of Bowling Green,” according to event organizers.

The two-day event offered vendors a chance to sell items ranging from comic books and posters to Lego minifigures and board games. Several famous guests also were present, including Deep Roy, who played the Oompa Loompas in 2005’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” Professional Wrestling Hall of Famer Greg “the Hammer” Valentine and John Dugan, who played Grandpa Sawyer in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Vette City Con co-owners Chad Sheppard and Michael Etherton wanted to offer an affordable convention in Bowling Green.

“We wanted to do a con that had all the stuff you love about cons but without the price,” Sheppard said. “You can get in here for the price of a parking ticket at another con.”

Admission was $20 at the door per day or $30 for a weekend pass.

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The Bowling Green Daily News talked to several people at the convention, and the consensus seemed to be that the con met its goals.

“The closeness of it was definitely a major plus,” said Kaitlyn Head, a Glasgow resident who dressed as Rey from “The Force Awakens” and was happy about not having to drive to big cities like Louisville or Nashville.

The lower price helped, too, as Head pointed out that she paid $75 for a weekend pass to the Wizard World Louisville Comic Con.

Head also said she enjoyed the “smaller and more intimate” setting of the NCM convention, as did Brian Muir, a guest at the convention best known as the sculptor of Darth Vader’s helmet.

“You have a bit more time to talk with people, chat with fans,” Muir said.

Sheppard doesn’t think the convention will make a profit for its first few years but hopes it will eventually become a larger event with perhaps 1,000 people attending.

“We’re planning on doing this every year until I get old and gray and die,” he said.


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