[VIDEO] Senator Rand Paul Drives a Corvette at the NCM Motorsports Park


[VIDEO] Senator Rand Paul Drives a Corvette at the NCM Motorsports Park

You don’t know what you’ve been missing all these years, Senator!

Rand Paul, once a candidate for president of the U.S. and current senator of Kentucky, apparently had never had the pleasure of driving a Corvette until Friday.

That’s when he toured the new Holley Control Tower that recently opened at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park in Bowling Green.

During the visit, which appears to have been a rainy one based on WBKO’s video, Sen. Paul climbed behind the wheel of a Corvette for the first time, a very nice 2003 50th Anniversary convertible that he motored around the track at the motorsports park.


Of course, being a politician, the senator had to justify the visit by pointing out the tremendous economic impact that the nearby Corvette Assembly Plant has on the area.

“They have over a hundred million dollars in salaries, which is a pretty significant amount of salaries that goes into the Bowling Green community,” he said,”and, you know, creates other jobs. Restaurant jobs, retail jobs, all those come as secondary effects to having General Motors here.”

Next up, let’s hope the senator starts to enjoy life a little more and buy his own Corvette now that he’s experienced one!


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