Nowicki Autosport Releases New Carbon Fiber Intake Ducts for the C7 Corvette


Nowicki Autosport Releases New Carbon Fiber Intake Ducts for the C7 Corvette

Our carbon fiber crazed friends over at Nowicki Autosport have released yet another carbon fiber gem for the C7 Corvette Stingray and Z06. Their brand new rear quarter ducts are now eagerly awaiting your purchase. The new ducts’ design is based on that of the Z06, but are enhanced to deliver increased performance as they flow 50% more air than the stock Stingray’s units.

The new quarter ducts are intended for the discerning owner who needs increase cooling abilities for the differential and transmission. This is especially useful on track days where heat is the enemy.

Not only do you get the increased performance with the new carbon fiber parts, but there’s the visual pop of real deal carbon fiber. They’re produced from high-quality, lightweight 3K twill carbon fiber. This composite meets the same GM specs as the stock parts. Ester-infused resin adds additional strength as well as the aforementioned aesthetics. Each duct is lovingly hand-polished which gives it that captivating look that only carbon fiber can deliver. The factory mesh screen comes bonded to each quarter duct.

Installation of Nowicki’s carbon fiber is easy as they attach to both the Stingray and Z06 bodies using the stock fasteners in the stock locations. No body modifications are needed, but Nowicki does recommend professional installation as the process does require the safe removal of the factory units.

So how much will it cost to add this carbon fiber goodness to your C7 Corvette? Suggested retail is $695 which includes both left hand and right hand ducts.

Nowicki Autosport

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