Car and Driver Infographic Shows Maximum Operating Temperatures of the Corvette Z06


Car and Driver Infographic Shows Maximum Operating Temperatures of the Corvette Z06

The 2015 Corvette Z06 is one hot car, and we’re not just talking about the way it looks and performs.

With its 6.2-liter supercharged V8, the Z06 systems produce heat, and a lot of it.

In fact, Car & Driver recently came up with an informative graphic that tells exactly how much heat the various parts of the Z06 makes when it’s being put through the paces on the track.

For instance, the exhaust valves reach 1,652 degrees and the exhaust gas at the manifold hits 1,922 degrees while the exhaust gas at the catalytic converter hits 1,238 degrees!

Those all-important carbon-ceramic disc brake pads reach 1,382 degrees!

The transaxle clutch hits only 572 degrees but that is three times hotter than the boiling point of water!

Corvette Z06 LT4

The magazine points out that these maximum temps will only be reached on the track, with the normal temperatures about 85 percent of the highest figures. Still, though, engineers had to make the car capable of handling the most heat.

All that heat is created from the 650hp Z06 engine through combustion, friction, and intake-air compression.

Engineers had to work hard to overcome the high temperatures, especially with the Corvette’s low hoodline and other front-end design features, but they were able to do it thanks to extensive testing in hot-weather climates like Arizona and heat-related stress analysis and modeling.

Some of you may still not be that impressed, but consider that the engineers working on your iPhone only had to worry about operating temperatures between 32 and 95 degrees – a virtual walk in the park compared to what Tadge Juechter and his crew had to overcome with the Z06.

Car & Driver Corvette Z06 Infographic


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