[VIDEO] 4×4 C3 Corvette Dares to be Different


[VIDEO] 4x4 C3 Corvette Dares to be Different

The lifted 4 x 4 Corvette: It’s the perfect antithesis to everything America’s sports car has represented since 1953. They’re existence twists your mind like an episode of ABC’s Lost or the first time you heard Mike Tyson talk. We hadn’t seen one of these brutes turn up online for a while until this yellow C3 showed up at Crusin’ the Coast on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Chevrolet built 46,558 Corvettes for the 1976 model year. Of those, 3,389 were painted Bright Yellow. 0 were 4 wheel drive.

The crew over at autoevolution bring us the yellow beast you see below. The C3 was for sale for $8000 when they stumbled upon it. We’re not sure what’s under the hood nor what type of chassis it’s riding on, but we can see side pipes, some meaty tires, a late C3 rear fascia, and a yellow and black interior. Got luggage? No problem, just strap your stuff to the carrier hanging off the back of the car. Looking at the walk around video, this one appears to be relatively well done. When you consider the $8000 asking price it may not actually be too out of line. Hagerty’s price guide shows that the average price for a base L48 Corvette is $8,394. Then consider what it would take dollar-wise to build such a beast and you can very quickly surpass $8,000 in costs.

The last 2 4×4 Corvettes we saw were for sale on Craigslist. One was a white 1980 in Michigan and the other was a black 1978 in Texas. Even Corvettes at Carlisle was considering including some at a future event at one point last year.

We know these unique Corvettes aren’t for everyone (just check out some of the comments we’re going to get both below and on our Facebook page), but admit it – you know you want to drive this thing! We do.

Maybe we should do 4×4 Fridays instead of Midyear Mondays?


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