Get Off My Lawn: Anti-Occupy Boise Demonstrators Use Corvette to Stage Protest


Anti-Occupy Boise Demonstrators Use Corvette to Stage Protest

You can protest in your Occupy Boise tent, but you can’t protest the movement in your car. That was apparently the case recently as the owners of a Geo Metro and a Corvette parked their cars next to the Occupy Boise’s tent city on the grounds of the old Ada County courthouse.

The drivers pulled the stunt to protest U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill’s recent decision that Occupy protesters’ tents are First Amendment protected speech and cannot be seized by state officials.

Ronalee Linsenmann, leader of the Canyon County Republican Women’s party, believes that her car should likewise be protected, but police didn’t agree – towing her Geo and another like-minded driver’s Corvette. Neither driver received a citation, however.

“I think my car really is more speech than their tents, and I think it’s ridiculous they get to camp out here and put the onus on us taxpayers,” Linsemann said. “When they finally do move, there will be no lawn left. We’ll get to pay for everything.”

Theresa Luna, director of Idaho’s Department of Administration, which enforces rules applying to state-owned properties in Idaho, says the drivers’ protest was clearly illegal

“The state does have very definite rules on where you can and cannot park,” Luna said. “Clearly, parking on the lawns is not acceptable.”


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