[PIC] 2012 Carlisle Blue Corvette Grand Sport at Bloomington Gold


[PIC] 2012 Carlisle Blue Corvette Grand Sport at Bloomington Gold

Carlisle Event’s Lance Miller came across the 2012 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible painted in Carlisle Blue at GM’s Bloomington Gold display. Yes, we’re stalking the new color as it’s interesting to see how Carlisle Blue looks in different types of light. In these conditions, dare I say the new color looks quite alright!

Previously we’ve only seen Carlisle Blue on a 2012 GS Coupe so this Grand Sport Convertible is another one they got running around. The convertible is optioned with chrome wheels compared to the competition gray wheels that were seen on the Coupe. I can’t quite tell of the top is blue or black so if you see it, let us know.

Here is a picture of the 2012 Grand Sport Coupe from the Corvette Club of America show a couple weeks back.


[PIC] 2012 Carlisle Blue Corvette Grand Sport Coupe
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  1. The top most likely is black. The seats are two tone that come with the Heritage package. You can not get the blue top if you order the Heritage package. Strange as it sounds it’s true. I tried to order a 3LT GS with the Heritage package and the blue top this week. Thats when I found out I can’t have it that way. It is possible this car is a 4LT. I think you can have it any way you want with the 4LT. Of course it will cost you.

  2. I like it so much I bought one… Carlisle blue, blue top, Titanium (no two tone). I run hot all the time, and I like the cooler colors when the top is down – and what’s the point of driving with the top UP…? Jon

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