[POLL] Do You Approve of Corvette Racing’s 2011 Livery


[POLL] Do you Approve of Corvette Racing's 2011 Livery

Every year, Corvette Racing refreshes the design of the factory C6.Rs for the upcoming season. Some recent notables include the Jake Scrape and the reverse B-Pillar Jakes at Monterey. Fans, bored to death during the off-season, cite the annual unveiling of the livery as one of the things they look forward to. So yesterday’s sighting of the new 2011 Corvette Racing livery at the Sebring 2-day test burned up and down the intertubes and feedback is coming in. What we want to know from you is, do you approve?

Do you approve of Corvette Racing's C6.R Livery for 2011?

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The above photo comes from Oliver Gavin who along with the other drivers were having a team photo taken on the finish line at Sebring.

Corvette Racing’s New 2011 C6.R Livery Spotted at Sebring Test
Sneak Peak of Corvette Racing’s 2010 Livery for the C6.R



  1. No, only because I liked last year’s. Why don’t they just bring back the ’07 Jake livery already??

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