[VIDEO] Forza 3 Corvette Challenge Paint Competition


Forza 3 Corvette Challenge Paint Competition

Our friend Chris Draper recently held a Corvette Challenge Paint competition on the Forza Motorsport forums. The goal was to faithfully recreate the 1988-90 C4 Corvette Challenge race cars. Seven challenge cars were painted with 1989 EDS/Exxon Corvette receiving the most votes. Check out these awesomely recreated Corvettes as they race on some of the best known road courses in the world.

Forza 3 contains an in-game livery editor which allows customization of the cars. The time involved to recreate a car’s livery can take hours and hours depending the the detail and complexity. Once the cars are finished, they are offered for sale in the game’s storefront for in-game money.

Check out the Forza Motorsport Forum to see the individual virtual Corvette Challenge cars next to their real-life counterparts.

Forza Motorsport Forum

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  1. awesome. nice video. i got rid of my xbox 360 because it kept breaking. spent alot of time on forza 2 and i know what it takes to make these paint jobs. great job!

  2. Stig:

    I’m on my third X-Box as well. Just got the new 250gb Slim model and seems to run much cooler (and quieter) than the previous model. Still meaning to check out Forza but all I really play is Halo.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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