UPDATE: Peter Max VH1 Corvette Collection Found!


Peter Max VH1 Corvette Collection Found!

Last week we brought you the news about the 36-car Corvette collection belonging to artist Peter Max being moved out of a former Daily News printing plant in Brooklyn. But where did the Vettes go? Luckily, a DigitalCorvettes.com member was in the right place in the right time and another member was able to get these pictures showing what appears to be another “several year stop” for the collection.

All the Corvettes are accounted for including the 1953 #291. During the move, it appears both the 1974 and 1975 Corvettes received significant damage to the rear panels of the cars, with the 1974 being the worst. Fiberglass can become very brittle and it looks like the movers were pushing on the rear panel which then shattered.

Peter Max VH1 Corvette Collection Found! Peter Max VH1 Corvette Collection Found! Peter Max VH1 Corvette Collection Found!
Peter Max VH1 Corvette Collection Found! Peter Max VH1 Corvette Collection Found! Peter Max VH1 Corvette Collection Found!

Jim Cahill, the man who originally purchased all the Corvettes for the VH1 collection, has also weighed in regarding the state of neglect for the 36 Corvettes he purchased back in 1988:

my reaction to seeing what Peter Max has done (not done) with the Corvette Collection is mixed…

a) on one hand-of course he’s the biggest fool in history for not even investing in car covers to keep the grime off them…in fact-when we shipped him the Corvettes-I asked his production manager if he wanted me to include car covers and they said…”No thanks..we’ll take it from here.” It was 2500 bucks for covers and they refused to make that simple investment. Oh well. I think that cost them a million bucks in the long run. I also offered them the services of an expert on long term classic car storage who would have helped them remove batteries, cover them properly and mount the cars on blocks to save the rubber, but again-they flat out refused. Oh well. By then, I had freight on board and all I could do was wave. They even refused simple 6 mil plastic covering to insure against fluid drips during cross country semi trailer transport.

I was in complete control of the Corvette collection for 16 months and not only did I have them detailed every six weeks-I had a company that specialized in car prep for commercials on retainer and every time I took them out and photographed them or shot film/video- we dusted them, polished them and upon completion of the creative assignment- covered them. (I will be sharing all my photos, archives, videos and on air promos in the coming weeks on this site exclusively)

b) on the other hand-Peter’s mistreatment of the collection has made for a very strange, unique “urban legend” and what comes NEXT will/should be VERY VERY VERY interesting…

It sounds like Cahill is working with Patrick Gramm to produce a documentary of some sorts about the VH1 collection so we’ll keep an eye out for that.


The Peter Max VH1 Corvette Collection is on the Move in NYC