Retired Ford Engineers Build Corvette-Based Speedster


What do a bunch of Ford engineers do with their spare time now that they’ve retired? They build a Corvette-based custom roadster called the GDT Speedster. The group used the LT1 engine, drivetrain and suspension components from a 94 Corvette donor car because of its proven V8 reliability. The windshield came from a Jeep Cherokee and the door hinges from a Ford F-150. While the car is titled as a Corvette, more than 2000 were designed and fabricated from scratch. The Speedster took 5 years of work and now that it’s complete, the group plans to auction it and start a new project. The winner of the auction will receive in addition to the full blueprints and service manual, a 1:8 scale clay model. How cool is that!

Check out the GDT Speedster’s site for more photos and videos. HatTip: AutoBlog via The Detroit News
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