Corvette Museum Planning Addition


The National Corvette Museum is looking to add 27,000 square feet to the facility which will include a library and cafe. The expansion is expected to cost $5 million dollars. The museum has already raised $2 million. $2.3 million would come from a national transportation grant, and the rest would be borrowed. The main purpose of the addition will be the library to house the archives said Wendell Strode, the NCM’s Executive Director:

“That was originally built into the mission of the museum – it was part of the reason it was started and founded,” he said. “We have lots of drawings of materials, of dealer information … just a whole lot of different things, but it’s scattered in three or four or five different areas, and it’s not in an order where you could go, where Corvette enthusiasts could access it.”
The additional space will also be used for more restrooms, a Corvette Cafe, a conference room and 10,000 square feet of space for Corvettes and other interactive displays. The museum should know by July 1st whether the grant money will be awarded. Visit the National Corvette Museum
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  1. It’s about time people paied respect to one the the meanest muscle car / sports cars ever builft by man kind, the corvette has a long history of winning at the track and on the sales floor of the chevy dealerships.

    It doesn’t matter if your a chevy guy or not, if you’ve ever had the pure pleasure of driving a corvette then you’ll know what I mean, it’s a beautiful car, and it get’s better all the time.

    David C. Atiin

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