Wallace and Hill Talk Corvettes


Corvette Magazine sat down with Dave Hill and new Corvette Chief Engineer Tom Wallace for an insightful question and answer session for their April 2006 issue. While no new news really broke from the conversation, we do get a sense of the responsibility that has been handed over to Tom and the huge shoes he will be filling. When asked what his biggest challenge is as the new CE, Tom joked that several people have already told him “Don’t screw it up!”. Both Hill and Wallace talk about the refinements being made on both the C6 and Z06 including improvement of the Z06’s 6-speed transmission for gear rattle and synchronizer engagement. Both agree that most refinements currently being made are more customer-comfort than performance items. The conversation covers competitors to Corvette both on the street and the on the track. Tom is a racer himself and mentions that he is building an SCCA GT1 Corvette. Corvette Magazine doesn’t archive their online content so the link will only be available for a short time. Credit: Corvette-Mag.com