See Vegas in a Vette


GM is bringing a hands-on driving experience to Las Vegas in what the automaker is calling “The Drive”. Tourists will be able to get behind the wheel of a Corvette, Hummer or Cadillacs and take drive them around an 11-acre tract at the North end of the Strip behind the Sahara Hotel and Casino. The driving attraction features two courses: A high-performance paced loop and an off-road adventure trail with a tunnel, hill climb and obstacles. Of course, a GM professional driver will be riding shotgun to “enhance” the experience. Admission to both tracks of “The Drive” will be $10 to $15 a person. The attraction is open to visitors 18 and up who have a valid driver’s license and can prove they’re sober, which means taking a Breathalyzer test. “The Drive” is scheduled to open in March or April and will last for six months although it could become a permanent feature in the future. GM paid an estimated $6 million for the promotion and part of deal allows for GM to become an advertising partner of the Las Vegas Monorail system.