Corvette Racing Hit With BoP Following Le Mans Test

Corvette Racing Hit With BoP Following Le Mans Test
Photo Credit: Oliver Gavin / Twitter

We just knew this was coming, didn’t we Corvette fans?

Corvette Racing’s Oliver Gavin and the No. 64 Corvette C7.R set the fastest time in the GTE-Pro during last Sunday’s test as the 5-time Le Mans winner was timed at 3:54.701 (129.990 mph). Antonio Garcia was fourth with the No.63 C7.R with a lap of 3:55.064 (129.680 mph).

Now we’ve learned that officials will slow down Corvette Racing with a 0.2mm smaller air restrictor when Free Practice starts on Wednesday. The FIA confirmed changes to the GTE-Pro class Balance of Performance tables on Friday.

Prior to the Le Mans test, the Corvette C7.Rs were granted a 0.7mm larger air restrictor than what was on the car during last year’s race. So at least we are still in positive territory.

The good news is that officials have pretty much left everyone else where they were pre-test although reports that “fuel capacities have been adjusted for all GTE-Pro cars in order to give a 35-second refueling time and 14-lap stints for all cars.”

Ferrari and Aston Martin will receive an additional 3 liters, Corvette and Ford gain 2 liters and Porsche will gain 1 liter of fuel.

Corvette fans have a right to be wary about any changes to BoP after last year’s BoP fiasco as Ford and Ferrari magically gained nearly 5 seconds during qualifying. Organizers are said to be looking at GTE-Pro very hard this year to ensure a closer race for all competitors in next weekend’s race.


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  1. This series is becoming a joke! A year later and here we go again! The BoP rule should be done away with for good. Replace it with something better already. Corvette racing has gotten a raw deal once again!

  2. Since the 427 mk2s and mark IV’s and even 289 mark 1’s kicked Europe’s collective hiney in 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969; the (european) rule makers have spent the last 50 years trying to make the American Teams go slower. The 7 liter (427) C6R’s (world champion in class every year that they competed) were banished from Euro racing events forever. European protectionism (for inferior products sold at much higher prices) at its finest.

    Isn’t a miracle that the average American joe can buy a supercar-killer vette (with motors that both outclass and outlast) anything a Euro manufacturer puts on a track, for less than 100k!

    You can’t pretend perfection doesn’t exist by rules and regulation.

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