Restomod vs Period Correct: A Tale of Two Corvette Sting Rays

Restomod vs Original: A Tale of Two Corvette Sting Rays

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it has been said more than once.

These two mid-year Corvettes at the opposite end of the spectrum in both age and restoration styles are prime examples.

The two Sting Rays were among the Top 10 cars sold at Mecum’s recent Houston, Texas auction.

Which would you rather have?

A 1967 Sting Ray Coupe that has been heavily modified and is in many ways just a 1967 model in body only?

Based on dollars and cents, the restomod 1967 seems to be the winner as it pulled down $185,500 – some $45,500 more than the ’63.

Restomod vs Period Correct: A Tale of Two Corvette Sting Rays

Statistically, the restomod featured a 500-horsepower LS3 V8 with a four-speed automatic transmission – along with other goodies like a front suspension from a C5, a rear suspension from a C6, six-piston calipers, custom red leather interior, AutoMeter gauges, Vintage Air, and a modern sound system with Bluetooth. In other words, all the goodies that would please someone who likes the exterior of a C2 but the modern amenities of today’s cars.

Restomod vs Period Correct: A Tale of Two Corvette Sting Rays

The split-window, meanwhile, went by the book in some ways, with the code correct Riverside Red exterior and black interior, but surprisingly it didn’t have the original engine or transmission, opting instead for a 327/360 L84 fuel-injected V8 with an M20 four-speed manual, along with upgraded Z06 brakes and suspension. Some believe that the driveline and suspension changes may have ultimately hurt the value, even though it was delivered with a three-ring binder full of information about the restoration and past show scores, including that Top Flight Award.

So, which one would you prefer to pull into your garage?


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  1. Even a NCRS apostle would have to admit that the Restomod is simply GORGEOUS! The classic C2 look with totally modern and powerful underpinnings! And those Wheels! They are to die for.
    A restored split window with a different driveline? Not so much.

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