Save up to $8,000 on Corvette Grand Sports and Z06s with New Incentives from Chevrolet

Save up to $8,000 on Corvette Grand Sports and Z06s with New Incentives from Chevrolet

In our monthly GM Sales Reports, we like to provide an update on the current incentives from Chevrolet on new Corvettes when available. We were surprised when we checked in on Monday to see only one offer was in place which was 4.9% APR Financing on base and Z51 Stingrays.

Since then we’ve learned that that offers page has been updated so we turned to our friend Dave Salvatore at Kerbeck Corvette to confirm.

Chevrolet has run into a constraint issue with its regular Z06 brakes which of course are also on the base Grand Sport model. So dealers ordered Grand Sports with the Z07 package and now they are not selling because the package adds an additional $7,995 to the Grand Sport’s MSRP which starts at $66,445 for the base 1LT Coupe and $76,160 for the 3LT version (which traditionally is the most popular package).

Here’s what Dave told us:

Dealers couldn’t get Grand Sports with regular brakes so instead of just ordering a Stingray or a Z51, they ordered Grand Sports with the big brakes. And now they are having trouble selling them as nobody wants to pay $8,000 to get the big brakes and the cup tires. There’s tons of them out there!

Chevrolet is now offering $5,000 Bonus Purchase Cash on any Grand Sport or Z06 equipped with the Z07’s Ceramic Brakes. This offer also includes Z06s with just the J57 Brake option. The key is that you must take delivery by May 1, 2017 which most likely means taking delivery from dealer stock.

Other incentives for Corvette buyers include a $2,000 Loyalty Bonus for current Corvette owners and $1,000 Bonus Tag cash if a dealer’s car is marked. (FYI, the Bonus Tags go on the Corvettes that the dealer has had in their inventory the longest.)

So to recap, you can potentially save up to $8,000 off the price of a Grand Sport or Z06 should all these offers be available. The $5,000 off for the J57 brakes might also have base model Z06 buyers considering that option as brakes tend to be one of the performance features you’ll use the most. The J57 Ceramic Brakes as a stand-alone option cost $7,495 and with $5,000 Bonus Cash, they now cost $2,495. Believe me folks, those brakes are worth the extra $2,495!

As always, see your Chevrolet dealer for details. Thanks again to Dave for the update! To see the latest 2017 Grand Sports and Z06s in stock, visit Kerbeck on the web at or call Dave Salvatore direct at 877-537-2325.


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