NCM Motorsports Park’s Noise Plan Approved By Planning Commission

NCM Motorsports Park's Noise Plan Approved By Planning Commission

The conflict between the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park and its neighbors drew closer to a settlement this week.

The Motorsports Park’s detailed development plan that outlines acceptable noise levels was approved Thursday by the City-County Planning Commission of Warren County after two-plus hours of discussion in Bowling Green City Commission chambers.

The plan now heads to fiscal court. If it’s upheld there, the current litigation between the NCM Foundation and Residents Against Motorsports Track Noise, LLC, could be dismissed.

“I believe the agreement will be enforceable,” said Frank “Hamp” Moore, planning commission legal counsel. “It was entered into in good faith.”

The plan calls for the installation of two sound monitors by the NCM, one in the Clark Circle neighborhood and another in the Motorsports Park. Noise levels must remain below 103 decibels, which is slightly lower than a rock band, and any vehicles that surpass that level must be changed or parked. Daily sound levels must remain below roughly 60 decibels, which is the sound of an air conditioner. The park will be allowed eight “loud days” per year after notifying the planning commission and property owners in advance.

Compliance to the agreement by the park will be verified by listening to the sound levels recorded by the monitor at 368 Clark Circle. Sound levels will be kept in a computer and uploaded to a server/website on a real-time basis.

A six-month grace period for the Motorsports Park (until July 1) is included in the agreement. During that time, noise cannot exceed 60 decibels on an hourly basis.

The detailed development plan includes 30 binding elements, and if the Museum breaks those rules on a regular or flagrant basis, the matter could end up in court again.

“We wanted more skin in the game than just a $100 fine,” said attorney Chris Davenport, who represents about 40 homeowners in the nearby neighborhood.


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  1. I would have thought sound issues would have been the first priority and resolved to everybody’s satisfaction first before the track got the OK build. Just some elementary thinking.

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