2017 Corvettes Spotted at Brochure Photoshoot in Guntersville, AL

2017 Corvettes Spotted at Brochure Photoshoot in Guntersville, AL
Photo Credit: The Advertiser-Gleam

Those amazing shots in the Corvette sales brochures don’t just happen by themselves every year.

Our salesman friend Rick Conti of Coughlin Chevrolet in Ohio let us in on an apparent photography shoot for the 2017 Corvettes that recently took place in Guntersville, Ala.

Rick shared a story by Cindy McGregor from The Advertiser-Gleam that spills the beans.

She reports that six 2017 Corvettes were hauled to Guntersville last week, forcing the closure of Lurleen B. Wallace Drive for about three hours while a crew was shooting photos of all the Corvette models.

Guntersville Policeman Dennis Myers noticed the enclosed car hauler and talked to the driver, who told him that Chevrolet had dispatched two representatives with a photography crew and security, off-duty motorcycle officers from Jefferson County.

Apparently the crew heard about the beautiful Guntersville ocean scenery while they had been doing track shots at the Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham for three days.

Guntersville Police Chief Jim Peterson confirmed that the crew was shooting photos for the 2017 sales literature. “They had 6 models in the truck, from the base Corvette Stingray up to a Grand Sport, a historic racing package they haven’t had for several years,” he said.

The photographers used a camera mounted on an arm that allowed them to take photos from about 10 feet up, giving some unique angles to their work.

“They had a constantly running DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera,” Peterson said. “They would drive at a slow speed and then stop to look at the pictures.”

It’ll likely require some editing work to get the images they were after, according to the chief, who said the photographers wanted the car as close to the left edge of the road as they could get so the yellow line on the road would have to be changed into a dotted white line using digital trickery.

While the crew hadn’t talked to the police department about the shoot prior to arriving, Peterson said his department was glad to offer assistance once they found out what was going on.

“It didn’t really affect anything,” he said. “You’ve got good alternate routes around that area.”

The shoot could even prove to be helpful to the city’s tourism efforts.

“One of the guys said this is as far south as he has been in his life,” Peterson said. “He said he was going to come back. That’s free advertising for the city.”

Although the photo shown here from the article shows two Corvettes including the new Sterling Blue 2017 Grand Sport Convertible, the third car in the background is something else.

The Advertiser-Gleam via CorvetteConti.com

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