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[SAVE THE STINGRAYS] Corvette Stingray Totaled in Crash, Driver Walks Away

by Keith Cornett on July 2, 2014

[SAVE THE STINGRAYS] Corvette Stingray Totaled in Crash, Driver Walks Away

There’s little doubt that today’s Corvette is much stronger and safer than previous generations. Like most modern cars, the Corvette Stingray has predetermined crumple zones that absorb the energy of an impact while the cockpit’s front and side airbags deploy to help protect the driver. And after all that happens, OnStar is there to call emergency services as soon as a crash is detected.

The picture of this crashed Arctic White Corvette Stingray comes from a poster on His comments are brief but to the point:

So I totaled my Vette yesterday. I walked away without a scratch. I am so grateful to Chevy for building such a solid car. I felt so protected, even as it flipped. Thankful to be alive.

We’re thankful that driver is okay as well. Flipping around inside a car has to be a terrifying experience but knowing that the car will not only protect you during the crash, but will help after the fact by calling for help is great piece of mind.


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