[VIDEO] 1968 Corvette Time-Lapse Tear Down

[VIDEO] 1968 Corvette Time-Lapse Tear Down border=

Many Corvette owners have never torn their cars apart, content to drive them just the way they are or pay someone else to do the dirty restoration work.

For those faithful, we offer two time-lapse videos that documents a man singlehandedly taking apart a C3 Corvette roadster with a few wrenches and his bare hands – oh, and a hoist lift to raise the body off the frame and lower it gently to the ground.

That’s when our lone worker proceeds to take off the front clip and even does a little grinding and welding on the base of the A-frame.

Too bad real life doesn’t pass the time as quickly as the time-lapse world.

This California big block, Tri-Power convertible looks a little rough around the edges for now, but as we all know, a restoration goes a long way toward bringing a “dead” car back to “life.”

Here’s hoping that this fellow can remember which bolt goes where. Based on his abilities to take the 1968 Corvette apart, though, we’re sure he can put it back together again, just like new.

1968 Corvette Tear-Down, Part 1:

1968 Corvette Tear-Down, Part 2:


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