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C7 Corvette Update in March 2011 Car and Driver

by Keith Cornett on January 31, 2011

C7 Corvette Update in March 2011 Car and Driver

Car and Driver magazine has the following update on the next-generation C7 Corvette:

“The Corvette continues as front-engine, V-8 powered, but GM is reportedly working to reduce mass (or at least hold the line) to maintain C6 performance. Slightly longer than before, the C7 will have styling allegedly inspired by the split-widow ’63 Sting Ray. Interior quality, not a Corvette strength, is now a high priority, and GM has set Audi as the benchmark for materials and fits. Three versions will be offered: base, Z06 and ZR1 (base versions may be called Grand Sport). At launch, the V-8 portfolio will mirror today’s, ranging from 430 to 638 horsepower. Later, all three engines will undergo displacement reductions to improve fuel economy.”

We find it interesting that C&D says the C7 will be launched with engines ranging in similar horsepower output to the current LS3, LS7 and LS9 and then will undergo a reduction to smaller displacements to improve fuel economy. Other sources including Motor Trend say the C7 Corvette will be one of the first GM models to feature the next-gen small block V8 that is currently under development. GM announced last year an investment of $890 million to develop and manufacture the new V8 engines and at this time we see no reason why the new powerplants will not be ready by 2013 when we expect the new Corvette.

Lastly, we are excited to hear that the Corvette’s interior is getting as much attention as the exterior design and engineering. Audi’s quality and workmanship is a worthy example to emulate.

Unfortunately, Corvette enthusiasts seem to be split on the return of the split-window for the C7 and the thread on the forum about this topic desolves into vitriol and name calling before being locked. C’mon, people, where’s the civility?

Car and Driver Magazine via Corvette Forum

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