Custom Corvettes: Update on The Dragon Vette

Update on The Dragon Vette

We got an update on the Dragon Vette that confirms what we wrote about in our original post – the world’s worst custom Corvette is now rocking a supercharger that should boost his horsepower from the standard 436 hp to around 600 hp. According to a member over at, the Dragon Vette was spotted at a local dealership getting the centrifugal supercharger installed and most surprising is that under the hood, all appears to be stock and unmolested.

The Dragon Vette is now the Supercharged Dragon Vette The Dragon Vette is now the Supercharged Dragon Vette The Dragon Vette is now the Supercharged Dragon Vette

The more I learn about the now infamous C6 Corvette in Evansville, the more I like it. I know that sounds crazy but I can respect a guy who doesn’t buy into conventional wisdom of what you can and cant customize. Sure, its random spray paint and stick-on chrome accessories from the local Auto Zone are over the top and the dead Pterodactyl on the hood is indescribable. But its his dream and he’s living it so hats off to you mister Dragon Vette owner.

So while you’re at a stop light laughing your ass off at the guy’s Corvette, imagine the humiliation factor when the Dragon Vette spreads its supercharged wings and leaves you in the dust. It’s a wolf dressed in dragon’s clothes!

LS1Tech via Jalopnik

When Customizing Corvettes Goes Too Far: The Dragon Vette
When Customizing Corvettes Goes Too Far



  1. I hope this guy wasn’t planning on keeping this a secret, haha. He can’t do anything with his car without everybody knowing.

  2. Ok, so he’s got the money to buy the car, drive the car, and slap on a $4,000+ supercharger. He can’t afford to do his dragon theme properly? He should stick to building model cars. I hate to wish this one anyone, but I hope he totals it with the new power he’s got and the car get’s parted out. That’s the best thing that could happen to it now. 🙁

  3. O.K., now I know two things for sure now:

    1- This guys is a lazy spoiled trust fund brat high on drugs.


    2-This guy is either going to kill himself on the drugs or in the car,…I JUST HOPE THE FOOL DOESN’T TAKE AN INNOCENT LIFE WITH HIM TO HELL WHERE HE WILL MEAT THE REAL “DRAGON’ IN PERSON LIKE HE DESERVES!!!!!!

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