[VIDEO] SPEED’s Tanner Faust Drives EX-122, the 1953 Motorama Corvette


Tanner Faust, host of SPEED’s Supercars Exposed, heads to Pepple Beach where he has the unique opportunity to drive both the very first Porsche and the very first Corvette ever built. The Motorama Corvette, dubbed EX-122 by GM Engineering, features an upgraded 283 V8 which the car received when it was being used as a test mule.

Despite the fact the Corvette started right up and Tanner was free to cruise California’s roads while the Porsche had to be push started due to a dead battery, Faust sort of rips on the Corvette at the end, suggesting first that most Corvette Owners would see the first Corvette and say “great thunderbird” and secondly, implying that adjectives used to describe the Porsche (light, nimble, responsive and easy to drive) are the very opposite adjectives used to describe the Corvette.

EX-122 can be seen at Kerbeck Corvette.

SPEED via Streetfire

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