Chevy Ad Watch: Corvette Featured in New Year’s Commercial


I vaguely remember seeing this commercial for Chevrolet and the Corvette during Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve program and was just sober coherent enough to hit the Tivo’s record button. Seeing it now I can remember feeling the emotional tugs at the heartstrings that Chevrolet’s ad men do so well. But then again, that could have easily been the Crown Royal talking.

The commercial shows various Chevy’s and then we see a base red Corvette coupe getting put through its paces in a downtown setting. When the Corvette first comes on screen, the voice over says “We believe that passion leads to extraordinary things”. Another nice touch is having the halo car sandwiched between the Volt concept and the 2009 Camaro.

One observation I had was both the announcer and the on screen graphics at the end of the spot refer to Chevrolet at Chevy and even the web URL is I do like the fact they used the sixty second format to feature all the vehicles in the Chevy stable while playing up the fuel solutions angle that we are starting to see in all their recent commercials. So while there is nothing in the spot that is ground-breaking, it is, in this former ad man’s opinion, a well done commercial.

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